The Importance of Trade / DBA Name Publication

Protecting the Ongoing use of your Trade Name, makes Business Branding Sense.

When placing an order with any newspaper publications, it is important that the correct fees are sent in to the county where your business is located; because every county has a different publishing cost, and the longer it takes to publish your Fictitious name, puts your business in at risk of not being in compliance.

The Trade name statement needs to be published in a general circulation newspaper within the county where your principal place of business in located and the business will be in operations, so you'll have to decide on which local newspaper to use.

Why is it important to check with the County Clerk/s?

The usual requirements are at least once per week, for four (4) concurrent weeks, however, laws on the duration may differ in every state.

"Most newspaper adverts, take up a small section of a page, and are priced accordingly. Notably, "DBA" publishing fees will vary somewhere from $10 to $1,000 in smaller town's newspapers from tiny adverts, up to a full page. And a “statement of intent” may also need to be posted, prior to publishing a Fictitious Name in a local newspaper, before a statement can be filed."

This is why it's important to check with the county clerk before the publicity advert is ran. There may also be restrictions on what publications can be used, and some specific information may need to include in the advert statement.

The DBA name registration statement, will need the following information:

  • The company's legal name
  • Company’s contact information
  • The desired DBA name you wish to use

Proof of advertisement may not be required, because as the signee on the application, you certified that the name has been advertised.

What happens when a trade name is not published?

All of the prior information is important to know and understand, because, if a consumer decides to file a lawsuit against a company, the statement will show the customers which business they need to file a lawsuit against; this is why the business’ DBA name needs to reveal through a publication.

Failure to meet your state's publishing requirements may result in your “Doing Business As” name being revoked, fines imposed, suspension or revocation of your business operations and license.

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