Annual Report Filing
is Mandatory

All Business Entities are required by every State to file an Annual Report.

Annual Reports are mandatory to keep businesses in good standing with the Secretary of State.

Accurately filing an on-time annual report is critical, almost every state requires an up-to-date annual report to maintain awareness of a company’s operations within its jurisdiction.

While the forms typically require some basic information, the process can be long and confusing, especially if you’re filing in multiple states.

When are Annual Reports Due?

Some states, requires that annual reports be filed on a scheduled date for all entities, in spite of the date of formation. Other states require annual reports to be filed on the anniversary date of formation.

The due dates for annual reports may vary from state to state for different entity types. Your filing dates are available on your state’s website.

In addition - Some states may require you to produce business and financial reports for directors, investors, managers and other stakeholders.

Most, businesses exist to earn a profit, so earnings are at the forefront of a business annual reports and could determine the amount of taxes due to those state. + While there aren’t any “legal” obligations for what an annual report should be comprised of, it’s important that you understand exactly what’s required from you.

All Business Entities are required by every State to file an Annual Report.
  • An executive summary Opportunity and risks Assessment
  • Business balance sheets Profit and loss statements
  • Financial projections & forecasts Report of equity ownership

What happens if a filing deadline is missed?

If an Annual Report filing deadline is missed, your business becomes at risk of receiving state imposed fines and penalties, and your business may lose its “good standing.”

And any further filing delays, could mean your business could be administratively dissolved by the state and removed from its registry. And you’ll no longer have liability protection and can’t continue legal business operations.

Who does not need an Annual Report filed?

Routinely, partnerships and sole proprietorship doesn’t need an annual report to be filed, because the business is not a separate entity from the business owner.

Before and after filing your annual report

Annual Report Preparation

Our expert agents take on the obligation of preparing your Annual Report paperwork.

Calculate any annual state’s franchise dues

Our agents verify your company’s present-day details, research and compute any state’s required franchise dues.

Filing all completed Annual Report paperwork

Our agents, promptly submit all Annual Report paperwork to any state, which your company operates in/out of. And provide a receipt of confirmation.

Document deliverables

Upon receiving document deliverables from the state/s, we scan and upload to your dashboard and notify you.

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Annual Report Filing


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