Domain Registrar for Small to Medium Size Companies

Providing Domain Registration, Monitoring and Privacy Services for Companies.

Corporate domain registrar offers more of a customizable service, unlike retail domain registration services. The difference between a corporate domain registrar and a retail domain registrar, is that a corporate domain registrar only works with companies with hundreds or thousands (and sometimes more) domains in its domain portfolio.

Some domain registrars act as both a corporate and a retail domain registrar, however; We prefer to only work with companies and to only focus on the corporate side, since the needs of corporate clients are different.

As a corporate domain registrar, RCA will automatically renew our client’s domains, until being told explicitly by our client/s that they no long want to renew domain/s and must allow them to expire.


Here’s what we’ll be offering:

Secure and manage your domain portfolio.

Monitor, detect, and enforce against unauthorized use of your brands.

We’ll notify you when our domain registration service goes live!

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