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Appointing Your Registered Agent.

Filing a Change of Registered Agent is easy with RCA.

A Registered Agent is a business or person, that is appointed to receive official and/or legal documents.

In the United States, business laws dictate that all business entities are required to have a Registered Agent, also-know-as Resident Agent, Statutory Agent, or Agent for Service of Process.

The government mandates that all businesses or individuals designates a registered agent to receive service of process (SOP). Meaning that, when a business entity is involved in a legal proceeding, i.e. a lawsuit or being served a summons, it is served upon the registered agent address. And if required, the agent’s address may also be used to deliver paperwork sent by the state for periodic renewals.

Why Businesses Need a Registered Agent?

A business registered agent may be an individual, an organization, an attorney, a service company, an officer or an employee of the business. Failure to properly maintain a registered agent can effectively cause you company be dissolved by the state.

A Registered Agent has to have a permanent physical presence in the state, and is where the state government uses to contact you with legal and tax correspondence, franchise tax forms, notices of litigation and required annual report forms.

Why Appoint a Registered Agent Service?

Every corporation, LLCs, and nonprofits are required to have an official Registered Agent for receiving service of process, in each state where the company does business.

Registered agencies are also helpful when preserving your privacy, by using their location as the business’ public-facing address, to separate company from your home.

Having a good Registered Agent service to represent you, helps you to quickly respond to a lawsuit, avoid missed deadlines for non-compliance, manage paperwork details, so you can focus on running your business.

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Rest easy knowing that RCA’s Registered Agent services helps you to avoid the annoyances and inconveniences of maintaining all of the documents from the state. We’ll handle all of it for you. So, you can have a peace of mind, knowing that our team is hard at work for you.

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