Hello, We’re Registered Company Agents

Helping owners to overcome business obstacles.TM

We're built on technologies that makes it easy. RCA was created from the hearts and minds of an entrepreneur, an accountant, attorneys, designers and developers; who wants to help aspiring business owners to effortlessly, start and run their businesses and also helping them protect their intellectual property via trademark registration and monitoring.

‘Like a trusted partner; We help turn ideas into businesses, and owners to overcome their next obstacles.’

As an entity formation, registered agent, domain registrar, and intellectual property protection services provider. We help people start, brand and protect their business and ideas, by way of handling the registration formalities of filing necessary paperwork and keeping the entity’s in compliance.

We go a step further, by providing resources for learning about state’s fees, times and requirements.

Registered Company Agents, LLC. is not an accounting firm, a law firm, or an attorney referral service; The information you provide to RCA is not protected by attorney-client privilege. If your business formation is particularly complex, you should consult with a business attorney.


+ The back story and birth of RCA

Garth and David has known each other for north of 25 years. With David being an accountant, a business formation filer, and a registered agent; and Garth being David’s client. During the 25 years of knowing each other, they developed a real friendship, built on honesty, trust and mutual respect.

Somewhere in the 24th year, Garth noticed that David seems to be a bit more overwhelmed, after taking on far more tasks and juggling other responsibilities.

So with seeing the growing pressures his friend has been experiencing; Garth decided on presenting David with an idea, of developing a platform, that would streamline his tasks and lessen his work load.

However, it did not yet resonate with David, until Garth's third attempt at explaining the idea, then it registered (pun intended). Coincidentally, both of them outgrew David’s private CPA practice being the name listed as registered agent, on state’s websites.

Garth was then tasked with coming up with a catchy name, that they could both agree upon; and soon after, Registered Company Agents (rca) was born.

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